You know what you want. Tap it.

I want you to write me mind-blowing copy

Every business has a story to tell.  But, a good story is more than just words.  

Why settle for good when you can have great?

I write with your voice, your style, your personality….in other words, your BRAND – clear, concise and customer-focused. 

Which one sounds most like you?

“I am way cooler than I sound on paper.  I wish I knew the right words.”

“Ugh.  This writing is so boring.  Oh well.  It explains the product and that’s good enough.”

“I have ZERO time for this today.  I’ll just type it up really quick and call it good.”

“It’s a business website so it has to sound serious and important.”

“Our clients already like us.  We don’t have to do anything special with this stuff.”

Sit back and relax…I’ve got you.

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Social Media Posts

Educate, entertain, and engage your followers with copy that captivates and converts.

Visit Social Media Strategies for monthly social media packages.

Industry-specific social media posts tailored to meet your strategic marketing plans.

Starting at $200/mo 


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Blogs & Such

The best way to share your expertise and wisdom with customers.

Daily, weekly, or monthly blog writing options available.  Industry-specific, researched, and SEO optimized with graphics.

Starting at $125/blog.

Package prices vary.


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Email Marketing

Grow your audience and convert them to customers with catchy, fun-to-read emails.

Successfully launch a course, service or campaign through email.  Catchy subject lines + conversational copy that convert into sales. 

Starting at $125/email.

Campaign prices vary.


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Professional Profiles

Brand yourself.  A good first impression can make all the difference.

We transform boring, complicated and technical job descriptions into interesting highlights and eye-catching experience.

Biographies starting at $200

Resumes starting at $250.

LinkedIn profiles starting at $300

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Website copy

Your digital business card.  Give them an unforgettable user experience.

WHO you are (brand), 

WHAT you do (services), 

WHY you do it (customer benefits.)

Webpages starting at $150 including SEO optimization research

Website packages vary.

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Everything else

A little bit of this and that… Copywriting in it’s purest form.  Creativity on demand.

 Starting at $75/hour

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I’m ready!

Let’s start a project

Show me more of what you do.

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