With my bestie talking #realtalk as the first guest on 15-Minute Coffee Chat.

Today I was invited to be a guest on the first ever 15-Minute Coffee Chat with Selena Conmackie | Hauoli-Socially Inspired.

Just in case you’ve not heard me gush about her before…Selena just happens to be my biz bestie. And in true biz bestie style, I told her I could fit her in between washing my hair and a conference call I had later that day.

And in true biz bestie style she set the topic as “someone I look up to and why.” Awe.

Wanna hear what we talked about?

Today’s Toolkit

We featured Streamyard today. It’s an alternative to Facebook LIVES and has a ton of cool features with background images, banners, and pull-outs of comments made during the live stream.

It’s pretty awesome if you are looking for something new and totally fit our duo effort today.

Our first live was a bit crazy.

So, it started out with great intentions, but when my account wouldn’t let me invite Selena into the LIVE feed we improvised.

Yes. That was our live…me holding my computer while we Facebook messenger chatted with each other. Our topic: Go with the Flow. We laughed a lot and despite the disaster catastrophic mess it was…had a great time.

So…use Streamyard because NONE of that mess will happen. On the flip side…you won’t have an awesome story to tell about that one disastrous day.

All the Questions and All the Answers

As biz besties do we talked about all. the. things. It spanned from my homeschool experience with my children and how Covid-19 has upset everything in our lives and our norm to business and working together and that when it comes down to it we’re all learning to just roll with whatever comes our way.

Next Up

Kalei Duvauchelle

Topic: Adversity, Bouncing Back, Real Talk

Date/Time: 13 April, 2020 at 2 PM (CST)

Watch live on NomadAbout’s Facebook Page.

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