Guest Lisa Miller, Handwritten Aloha, is basically given the title “WonderWoman” with her Left brain analytical brilliance and right brain creative genius. We #realtalk not being afraid to try new things, pop-up concepts and how maybe building a bigger box means not being in a box at all.

I’m one of 7 children and six of us are girls. All of my sisters and even my brother are really creative and artistic. Me? I can hold my own, but that’s not really my strength.

I bring this up because I remember one very distinct conversation with my mother in which she very lovingly told me it was a really great thing that I had inherited the “business sense.” It was in comparison to my creative abilities measured against my sister.

Our conversation with Lisa really focused on the fact that most of us have a strong leaning toward analytical/logical or creativity. And along with that we associate a left brain/right brain dominance theory.

I’m curious…which one are you? Watch our #coffeechat and let me know what you think!

Today’s Toolkit

We settled on Google Drive today. If you aren’t already a Google Drive user let me tell you that this zero cost option allows you SO MUCH VERSATILITY in word processing, spreadsheet computing, presentation building and more.

In fact, you can easily share documents and even entire folders of work with other’s without having to include any kind of attachment, you can access and work while offline, everything is autosaved so you don’t lose any of your work…

Can you tell I’m a fan? Not only a fan, but it’s essential for my business. I use it almost exclusively to deliver digital products to my customer. So, yes, I’m going to say I highly recommend it…plus it’s free. What’s not to like?

Handwritten Aloha calligraphy by Lisa Miller

It started with a blue dress. (Wow…can you believe I went there?) Actually it started with a blue and black dress…or was it white and gold? Do you remember THIS dress? An internet sensation about five years ago? Yes, we resurrected it for this show.

White and gold or blue and black dress internet sensation dress

I see white and gold. My husband sees blue and black. When we first discussed our topic and the direction to go with Lisa, Selena also saw white and gold. That evening at 11 PM I received a frantic phone call. The dress had suddenly changed to blue and black. As we say in the biz…freaking out!

As mentioned earlier the theory is that left brainers (logical/analytical) see blue and black and right brainers (creatives) see white and gold.

The reality is that everyone has talents in both of those brain areas. Even the most analytical has great creative ideas and even the most creative can learn to put together a spreadsheet. It may not be what they like, but when it comes to running and owning your own business, you have to do both.

Or be independently wealthy so you can hire specialists.

I’m learning to do both.

We followed this up with a conversation about Lisa and her husband’s work on putting up a Pop-Up Christmas Bar for their wildly popular restaurant in Hawaii, Tikis Grill & Bar. They wrote two articles about their success and gave tips for those who might be thinking of doing a pop-up concept themselves. We took that and applied it to a regular business like Hauoli – Socially Inspired or NomadAbout.

Just to leave you with some probing questions. What ideas or concepts can you “pop-up” and give a try in your own business? Why stay in your left/right brain lane? Could you make your innovation box bigger by thinking the opposite way? And finally…is that dress white and gold or blue and black?

Next up!

We’re not telling, but it will include two AMAZING guests in honor of Mother’s Day

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Coffee Cup Selfie with Anna and Selena