Special edition of the 15ish Minute Coffee Chat for Mother’s Day! We welcomed the two most influential women we know to join us and celebrate the heritage and legacy that Selena and I come from.

This is one of those beautiful moments where you build something you are proud of and then get to share it with the person that you feel gave you the tools, tenacity, resiliency and go-get-it in the first place.

That’s how we felt about having our mothers on for our special edition show. Behind the scenes, neither Lynette (Selena’s mom) or MaryAnne (my mom) were really excited about having to be on camera. They were both nervous they were going to “ruin” it.

Ridiculous. It’s one of our favorite shows! See for yourself.

Today’s Toolkit

Technology is the word of the day. I. Can’t. Stop. Laughing. We both tested the livestream program with our respective mothers prior to the show. Here’s just a few screenshots of that experience.

Our mom's trying to figure out technology.

Seriously. That’s a ball point pen my mom is pointing at the screen with! Selena and I both own businesses that rely heavily on technology so it was pretty fun capturing the experience.

Q&A with our moms

Like the good children we are, we couldn’t help but rub in the technology a little more. Our first question of the day was, “What do you think we do for a living.”

How many of us small business owner’s are in this same boat. Our parents are incredibly proud of us, but couldn’t effectively explain our jobs to anyone! We imagined their responses to be something like this and we weren’t disappointed.

Full of life and fun these two ladies just know that we are successful and are proud. That’s really what counted for both Selena and I anyway.

The real purpose of the show, however, was not to make fun of their less than savvy tech abilities, but to show them how much their example allowed us to thrive as small business owners, women, milspouses and so much more.

These are the qualities my mom instilled in me. It was interesting that as we wrote out this list, Selena and I had the exact same qualities for our mothers.

Happy Mother’s Day

I can’t end this without just a special shoutout to my mother. She never stops going. It’s exhausting and motivating at the same time. When I had my first baby, she came to “help.” Apparently that meant clean the house, take the baby for hours so I could sleep, and bake fresh bread and cinnamon rolls in between walks, snuggles, and diaper changes.

When I think back to my childhood I think of family, love, home, comfort. She was so generous. Baking bread for anyone and everyone. She made friends with everyone. Even the crazy cat lady that lived up the street. She lives and loves her faith and practices kindness and love.

I could NOT have asked for a better mother and I hope she hears me when I say that she is amazing.

I love you, mom!

My mom and I

Next up!

Guest: Maria Reed, Moving with the Military

Topic: Influencer: Responsibility, Positivity, and Community

Date/Time: 11 May, 2020 at 10 AM (CST)

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