Fan girl moment happening when I hear Maria Reed, Moving with the Military has agreed to be on our 15{ish} Minute Coffee Chat. A military community superstar, she’s humble, kind, and oh-so-generous.

Maria Reed created the home makeover television series, Moving with the Military. A couple of cool things about this…1. She really connects the military community with the civilian side. (Yes, there is a gap…it’s very real.) 2. She encourages military families (remember we move every 2-3ish years) to build a beautiful “home” wherever we are and not keep waiting for when we are finally in our “forever home.”

So, What happens when you hate the word influencer, but you are one? Watch our 15{ish} Minute Coffee Chat to find out:

Today’s Toolkit

Close your eyes and say the word “influencer.” What do you think of? Did you answer with Social Media Platforms? Because that’s our toolkit today. It’s the go-to place for friendships, business relationships, online shops, and just about everything else you can think of. As a business owner it’s not just a suggestion to be searchable on social media…it’s a necessity.

Top platforms vary between age groups, but from one small business owner to another…1. Get yourself a LinkedIn profile and keep it current and relevant. 2. Have a Facebook Business page.

If you do NOTHING ELSE – those are my tips for any of you just starting out and if you need more direction then write me a little note and let’s chat about getting you started on the right social media foot.

I just have to point out that all those accomplishments listed on the above graphic have happened in the last TWO YEARS. The woman is a powerhouse! In fact, spontaneously she gave away a Facebook Portal to one of our guests who posted their #15ishMinuteCoffeeCupSelfie.

Good things happen for those that tune in!

Q&A might be too defining a word for what happened once we got started with our show. If you’ve been watching, you know that every guest gets a new style of questioning that suits their strengths. Maria was no different!

Selena and I tapped into her designer mind with three of the most hideous rooms we could find. We lovingly called them, THE COLLECTOR, THE NO STORAGE-ER, and THE MONOCHROMATIC-ER.

15ish Minute Coffee Chat Virtual Redesign 3 rooms Maria Reed

We thought we might stump her with a couple of these. Oh how wrong I was! She had a solution for each room…and still kept the spirit of what the homeowner wanted. I was impressed.

What surprised me the most? Maria didn’t hate that white curtain all the way around the master bedroom. And now we see why she is a designer and I’m not. Whatever vision she has for that still eludes me!

On Being an Influencer

Building community is Maria’s focus. She likes to call it “bridging the military/civilian divide.” I love how hard she works to help families feel love and acceptance no matter where they land. She is a teacher, a coach, a motivator, a hard worker and yes, an influencer.

While she prefers not to be called an influencer, she did concede that if it means she gets to spread kindness, generosity and love she’ll go with it.

And THAT is why we adore her!

Where to find Maria Reed online

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#15ishMinuteCoffeeCupSelfie with Maria Reed

P.S. Yes, because Maria is a famous DIY crafter, Selena and I actually DIY’ed our coffee cups for this chat. #feelingcrafty

Crafting our own coffee cups for today's show.