Amy Schweizer, owner of Tiny Troops Soccer was hit hard when Covid-19 shut down her developmental soccer program.

In March, 2020, Amy Schweizer shut down all locations of her Tiny Troops Soccer program, a developmental soccer program for children ages 12 month to 5 years. It was a huge blow when after a few weeks, operations could not resume. Instead of sitting and waiting for the world to change, Amy took a look at her plan and made a huge pivot into offering virtual soccer skill sessions for children ages 3 to 9.

This military spouse and mother of 3 boys was not going to just let things happen to her business and livelihood. A huge advocate for military spouse employment, military children, and an active lifestyle she used her resources and in just two weeks opened a virtual soccer session option to fill a need for her customers.

So, how do you pivot and re-align when things go south? Watch our 15{ish} Minute Coffee Chat with Amy Schweizer to find out:

Today’s Toolkit

How long have you been sitting at your computer today? Did you know that there is a theory called the 52/17 rule? For every 52 minutes you work hard and focused you need to step COMPLETELY away for 17 minutes to refresh. This is considered the time schedule that keeps you most productive.

Today we practices a 3-5 minute stretch led by Amy. You can find it and try some of the techniques starting at minute 14!

As always, we like to tie our Q & A into something relatable for our guest. With Amy it was clearly soccer! While Selena played as a teen, my experience with soccer started and ended in 3rd grade when I was hit in the face with a ball after being forced to try out the goalie position.

I moved on to softball and volleyball, but the key ideas in sports always remain the same…Keep possession of the ball and keep the ball in play.

Amy was filling a need when she decided to go virtual. The majority of her clients are military families that have a hard time with consistency for their children because of frequent moves. Tiny Troops has many locations around the world that offers these families the same structure for her developmental soccer program no matter where they live. By going virtual she created a second option for consistency when the world said in-person was unsafe.

When her business plan changed suddenly Amy knew she couldn’t just wait for things to go back to normal. She demonstrated the actions of a successful entrepreneur by understanding that success is not always a linear progression. When obstacles arise, the key is to find a way around them to continue moving.

Amy’s other “loves”

Aside from building an amazing developmental soccer program, Amy is passionate about military spouse employment. She suffered a lag in her own career when she married a Marine. Tiny Troops Soccer was her way of staying professionally active. She has employed nearly 150 military spouses over the past 5 years and works hard to advocate for opportunities for others.

Building strong communities and strong families seems to be her forte’! Well done, Amy!

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