Welcome to Lolita-in-a-box. The queen of confidence and grace, Lolita shares her heart and her story.

I met Lolita at Runway of Hope, a benefit fashion runway show, by Pink Warrior Angels of Texas, featuring cancer survivors. There is a magnetism that surrounds Lolita and I was sucked in the minute I met her.

In September 2016, motivated by the loss of her son, who was killed in a senseless act of gun violence. She created Strut Talk Runway tHERapy, a monthly confab providing an outlet for hurt people to share their story, feel heard and to heal; to strut through life on purpose, and to feel safe and supported by a close-knit community of people who’ve survived the loss of a loved one.

Without knowing, we had scheduled Lolita on the anniversary of her son’s birthday.

So, how do you pivot from tragedy, find confidence in who you are, and transform your life? Lolita shares her wise words with us.

Today’s Toolkit

Do you practice daily affirmations? While you might feel silly staring at yourself in the mirror and saying kind words to yourself, research shows that when you speak confidence in yourself it helps build confidence and self-esteem.

Pick out two or three things about yourself that you might not be feeling so confident about. Write them down on a post it note. Put it on your bathroom mirror so that every morning and evening you see them.

I hope you try it! I’m a big believer in affirmations. They’ve helped me through life struggles more than once. Helping me remember my worth and value in this world.

Our toolkit is directly tied to our Q&A session with Lolita. We chose three affirmation cards and asked Lolita what her thoughts were on each one.

Card 1: No Judgement. I release myself from any and all judgements. I find my inner critic, call it into my office, and tell it to take a vacation. As it leaves the room, I let out a sigh and begin to enjoy the joy of simply being. Who hired that guy anyway?

Card 2: Worthiness. I am worthy of the ultimate happiness. I deserve and accept it, and dammit I’m not going to feel guilty about it when I get it. Guilt is not invited to my happiness party — I won’t even tell him where it is. If he asks about it, I’ll be like, “No, I think you’re thinking of something else…” And then I’ll run away very quickly.

Card 3: Confidence. In this moment, I take a step back and look at myself with the pride of a good mother. I see an abundance of abilities and talents that show up all the time in big and little ways. If I could stick myself on a refrigerator, I would. I would invite all the neighbors over and say, “Look at that. Can you believe what an A+ that is?”

15ish Minute Coffee Chat with Lolita Frazier

If you’re looking for a dose of strength and confidence I highly recommend listening to what Lolita has to say. With the honor of this being our longest coffee chat ever, you can take it in small daily doses as needed!

What’s your strut like?

Lolita’s diverse skills include ACTUAL runway model coaching. So, if you have plans to be in a fashion show, she’s got a strut that makes your eyes pop!

She also does confidence coaching for individuals or business groups. Lolita says her clientele will learn how to have a commanding presence, build confidence, attract opportunity, and transform their life to be more successful in careers and relationships.

Finally, Lolita offers a safe space for those who have experienced grief.

Not your average women, eh? That’s why we recommend everyone get a daily dose of Lolita!

15ish Minute Coffee Chat with Lolita Frazier

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15ish Minute Coffee Chat with Lolita Frazier