Guest Kalei Duvauchelle talks COVID-19, adversity and what inspires.

It doesn’t take long for any conversation to touch on the state of the world and where we stand with Covid-19. It’s hitting close to home.

This week’s 15-minute coffee chat was no different. Guest Kalei Duvauchelle was furloughed and then her husband also lost his job.

Don’t worry…there’s no sob story here. Kalei took her misfortune as an opportunity and started looking seriously at the businesses she’d formerly called a side hustle.

Ready to hear what happened next?

Today’s Toolkit

Earbuds!  Or, earphones!  Whatever catches your fancy.  Most importantly, there’s got to be a microphone too.  

Why?  Well, if there is one thing we’re learning even more in this must-be-digital with your business age, it’s that hearing and being heard is super important.  I’m talking about clean. clear. crisp. communication.

Things to consider:

  1. Earbuds or earphones?
  2. Over the ear, over the head, or in the ear? Think about comfort!
  3. Price.  There are some spendy options out there, but some of the cheaper ones work just as well.
  4. Versatility and compatibility between devices.
  5. Wireless or not?
  6. With a microphone or are you going to be using a separate option for that?

We started our #realtalk conversation with Kalei by bringing up the important stuff, her love for all things Disney.

Q.  If you were a Disney villain which one would you be and why?

A.  Kalei chose Maleficent.  Snow White’s nemesis is one of the original villains. She’s also incredibly strong-willed, knows exactly what she wants, stops at nothing to get it, and really smart.  

I loved Kalei’s answer.  She really made me stop and think about Maleficent in a different way.  It was more about strength and go-get-em and resiliency that evil intentions.  

And that leads us right into our next question.

Q.  What is the first thing you think of when I say the word resilient.

A.  Kalei’s answer was a heartfelt personal story about the amazing strength that her sister-in-law and brother demonstrated after losing their son.  

With my Hawaiian biz bestie I’ve learned that in Hawaii, Ohana (family) means everything.  That oozed out of Kalei and her response.

Q.  How has being furloughed affected you and your family?

A.  As to be expected Kalei was devastated by her and her husband’s loss of income, but you couldn’t keep her down for long.  She trusted her gut and invested money into her side hustles which have turned into a lucrative business keeping her and her family feeling much more secure.

What an inspiration!

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