American military homecoming

By the time you read this, my soldier will be home from a deployment.   It snuck up on us this time around. A few months ago they said he mightgo home early if they could find a replacement for him. There was a lot of “maybe this” and “maybe that.”  It dragged on for months. I’m used to that […]

Sweat Equity

Fishing trip for NomadAbout

I just spent the last hour researching how to cook fish that you catch yourself. Like, fish out of a lake. Specifically, three rainbow trout and a large-mouth bass that we caught on a recent fishing trip with my son’s Cub Scout pack. Have you ever been to a Cub Scout Trout-a-ree? Me neither. READ […]

A Toast: To a New Year and You

NomadAbout New Years 2020

Today we all woke up with 365 new days ahead of us. Happy New Year! I like to start each year off in my pajamas. I’m talking about a pj party all day long. This party of mine includes lots of leftovers from the holidays that my family can munch on (so I don’t have to […]

Let Me Tell You a Story

Experience article by Anna Larson

On a hot August afternoon in eastern Oregon, a 2-year-old freckle-faced country kid made his way down the road. He was angry and clutching a few toys. Running away was the last resort. His parents refused to change that baby sister into a baby brother, and today was the day she was making her way into […]