Today was not a day to have a coffee chat. This is our message to our friends, business associates and anyone watching the show.

We’ve chosen to reschedule our normal show because we want to acknowledge what is happening in our country and the role that we, as business owners can play. Selena and I struggled on whether we should do anything today or say anything today, but we know that silence allows the oppressors to win.

My Hawaiian roots made me think of the Hawaiian word Ho’oponopono. The word “ho’o” means “cause” in Hawaiian, while “ponopono” means “perfection”. The term “ho’oponopono” can be translated as “correct a mistake” or “make it right”.

We were fighting to find the right words, and we cannot pretend to feel even remotely close to what other people in our country are feeling. We are listening. We stand with you. We MUST do better. This country’s future generations deserve better.